For the Love of God

Has anyone else noticed the plethora of hypocrisy in the “religious” world? What is it about these people that makes them believe so whole-heartedly that their God would actually approve of the judgement they impose upon others? If you believe that there is a loving and forgiving God, then you should follow his teachings.¬†You should not apply his words when it is convenient for you or your lifestyle. It should be your role to educate and spread love and compassion, not hatred, guilt and vengeance.

In my humble opinion, religion should be used as a guideline. People take it so seriously that they are willing to kill over it. That in and of itself is hypocritical. There is nothing more scary that a bible beater at your door on a mission. The supposed biggest followers of the Lord shall prove to be the real Anti-Christ of our day. Can we not all learn to appreciate our differences and love and respect one another?

Silence does not equal Weakness

I may sit here and keep quietly to myself, but don’t mistake my silence as weakness. It is possible that I sit here quietly because you never shut up. Or it could be that you never say anything of any interest to me. Or maybe it is because when I do speak, you are so self-involved that you continuously interrupt me or negate what I say.

Does my silence make you uncomfortable forcing you to fill the void with your ignorant chatter? Are you forced to make assumptions about my life and my character? What a concept it would be for you to actually ask me about my life AND listen when I answer.

Quiet. Shy. Innocent. Sweet. Nice. All these words used to describe me by people I spend atleast 8 hours a day with. If you knew me, you would never choose the first 3 words on that list. I am not innocent. I am not shy. I am not quiet. I choose to be quiet because of the lack of a two-sided conversation. If I spoke and told you how I felt or what I thought, the sky would come crashing down and my words would cut you like daggers. You don’t want the truth. You want what makes you feel comfortable and what is deemed “acceptable and polite”.

You don’t know me. You have no authority to judge me. You are the one who is weak. My silence is my strength.