Can you break up with your best friend?

Can you say “I’m sorry it’s me, not you” or “This just is working out for me” ??? I have known this person almost as long as I have been alive. I considered us more like family than friends but there is no denying we have grown apart. She has a new found “church” and on paper looks like her life is going in this perfect direction when in reality, she is lucky she’s not in jail, lucky she’s never had CPS called on her for the negelct of her 5 children and lucky she continues to even have a home to live in. We are so different in so many ways…..up one major one being I actually GREW UP. But even when I try to put all that aside…..we have NOTHING to talk about! If we do, we live in the past!

I’m sorry, I don’t want to hang out with your bar friends or your church friends because I see the combination of the two as hypocritical. I don’t want to spend my adult years making friends with alcholics. I also NEVER want you to feel like you have any right to give me advice on children. Just because you have 5 children, does NOT make you a parent!! As far as I’m concerned, if I raise my children like you, I have failed. And PS, get them a damn hair cut!

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