Can you break up with your best friend?

Can you say “I’m sorry it’s me, not you” or “This just is working out for me” ??? I have known this person almost as long as I have been alive. I considered us more like family than friends but there is no denying we have grown apart. She has a new found “church” and on paper looks like her life is going in this perfect direction when in reality, she is lucky she’s not in jail, lucky she’s never had CPS called on her for the negelct of her 5 children and lucky she continues to even have a home to live in. We are so different in so many ways…..up one major one being I actually GREW UP. But even when I try to put all that aside…..we have NOTHING to talk about! If we do, we live in the past!

I’m sorry, I don’t want to hang out with your bar friends or your church friends because I see the combination of the two as hypocritical. I don’t want to spend my adult years making friends with alcholics. I also NEVER want you to feel like you have any right to give me advice on children. Just because you have 5 children, does NOT make you a parent!! As far as I’m concerned, if I raise my children like you, I have failed. And PS, get them a damn hair cut!

To my best friend…..

I have known you for as long as I can remember. We met in elementary school and somehow managed to stay friends through all these years. We are in our thirties and now have our own families. We finally have another chance to live in the same city again now that I have moved here. I had high hopes of growing old with you and being close with your children…..sharing our lives together again. That’s why it deeply saddens me now to have to say that I think I left you back in high school….the days when we were careless and irresponsible together and I shared in your indulgences.

I don’t know what’s happened, or even how to fix it. I know you have a new best friend….the one you always turn to, the one that is more fun than me, the one who is your solution to life’s problems. I wish I could compete but the more and more I try, the more I realize it’s not possible. We are too different. We work well from a distance, but not in close quarters.

I could overlook our differences when it comes to almost everything in our lives, but I can’t overlook this. This hurts me personally. This hurts our friendship. This is slowly destroying your life and your family’s life, but you can’t see it. I can see it. But I don’t know how to tell you. If I do tell you, I know you will only turn again to your new best friend, the one you even share with your husband… know her name…..whether it’s beer or whiskey, her name is the same.


For the Love of God

Has anyone else noticed the plethora of hypocrisy in the “religious” world? What is it about these people that makes them believe so whole-heartedly that their God would actually approve of the judgement they impose upon others? If you believe that there is a loving and forgiving God, then you should follow his teachings. You should not apply his words when it is convenient for you or your lifestyle. It should be your role to educate and spread love and compassion, not hatred, guilt and vengeance.

In my humble opinion, religion should be used as a guideline. People take it so seriously that they are willing to kill over it. That in and of itself is hypocritical. There is nothing more scary that a bible beater at your door on a mission. The supposed biggest followers of the Lord shall prove to be the real Anti-Christ of our day. Can we not all learn to appreciate our differences and love and respect one another?

Silence does not equal Weakness

I may sit here and keep quietly to myself, but don’t mistake my silence as weakness. It is possible that I sit here quietly because you never shut up. Or it could be that you never say anything of any interest to me. Or maybe it is because when I do speak, you are so self-involved that you continuously interrupt me or negate what I say.

Does my silence make you uncomfortable forcing you to fill the void with your ignorant chatter? Are you forced to make assumptions about my life and my character? What a concept it would be for you to actually ask me about my life AND listen when I answer.

Quiet. Shy. Innocent. Sweet. Nice. All these words used to describe me by people I spend atleast 8 hours a day with. If you knew me, you would never choose the first 3 words on that list. I am not innocent. I am not shy. I am not quiet. I choose to be quiet because of the lack of a two-sided conversation. If I spoke and told you how I felt or what I thought, the sky would come crashing down and my words would cut you like daggers. You don’t want the truth. You want what makes you feel comfortable and what is deemed “acceptable and polite”.

You don’t know me. You have no authority to judge me. You are the one who is weak. My silence is my strength.